Thursday, October 20, 2011


When you apply for any virtual/online call center position, you will be required to take a background check. There's no way around that, period. With most jobs today that are worth anything, you're required to do a background check. If not for jobs that does not pay much, if you wish to advance into higher paying positions, particularly, more authoritative roles, you will then be required to do a background check.

I'm assuming the question comes from the fact that you'd be working at home. Well, working from home does not excuse anyone from being under suspicion. Understand, normally when you're working a call center role, you're servicing customers for huge clients/companies. These companies have a major influence over their market and wish not to ruin their reputations by not doing their due diligence. So, outside of a phone interview (especially if no interview is required), they have no clue of who you are. In order to ensure the best that they can, that they don't hire or contract with anyone that would cast a black cloud over the company, they require a background check.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape about your credit and all of that, it's not a credit check, but more of a criminal background history. Of course, that doesn't mean you won't get a job because your background is not squeaky clean, nor does it mean that the person with a clean background is an honest person. It's more of a measuring tool, to weed out people who may have more of a potential to misuse the company's valued customer's personal information. Obviously, you can't catch everyone, but so far it's been working like a charm, on top of each virtual call center program has very good systems in place to combat such instances.

Now, as I've been looking more into the background check thing, the programs I've been involved in and also programs I've been reading up on all require you to pay for your own background check. Not a problem, and it also makes sense. For one, it keeps the "honest" people honest and the ones who have a background with something similar on it wouldn't even waste their time. Now you could be someone who slipped through the cracks who haven't gotten caught yet! As was mentioned earlier, there are systems in place to keep everyone honest. Trust that one, or work at home call centers wouldn't be growing as it is now!!

Background check fees vary. I've paid on the high end $35, and most recently I paid $12.95 for my last background check. I have seen as high as $50 for a background check on a popular virtual call center site, but I hear they're pretty good so obviously people are paying it.

All in all it's a good thing and it serves it's purpose. I truly believe it's well worth it if working at home is something you really want to pursue. Do your research and make sure you're dealing with a true virtual call center site, there are some lurkers out there just waiting to pull the whole background check for a job scam on people. If you want to play it safe and start your work at home career now, The Virtual Call Center Training Guide is just the thing you need! It walks you through the best and most thorough virtual call center program online today with guaranteed at home agent positions. If this is something you'd really like to get into right away,

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  1. it is really required that all applicants must submit themselves in a background check. It is a must which every applicant must accomplished as many credible company prefer to conduct background check but will still require you to submit your own conducted background check on yourself.

  2. Most businesses require that, and that's understandable since companies also want to know who they are hiring. But more than just letting companies know who you are, companies that run background check also gives you an assurance of the quality of work and professionalism they foster.

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