Tuesday, October 18, 2011


What is a typical virtual call center application process? Normally, when applying for a virtual or online call center, it's just like filling out an application for any other job on or offline. You'll complete the job application, complete the background check information (depending on which company/site, you may or may not have to pay for your own background check), and more often than not, there's an assessment test. Usually the assessment test is like any other, a series of commonsense multiple choice questions about ethical practices and customer service.

When looking for virtual/online call center work, call center or customer service experience is a plus but not needed. Either way, you'll be trained in that company's method and on how to use their program applications. Every company is different, but follows pretty much the same customer service routine!

Now, after the time spent going through the whole application process for a virtual call center, there's now the waiting game, just like any other ole job. Waiting for a call back, email, something in your mailbox....there were times when I didn't receive anything, or I was sent a W2 form in my email some months later. Didn't really know what that meant, I had no clue if I was hired or not! Obviously, with that company nothing ever happened, so I guess I wasn't.

The biggest blow anyone can receive after all of the time and work put into completing several application processes is the rejection letter or email. If you don't know by now, around 90% of the time you'll get a phone call for an interview. If you get en email, that means you were not chosen. It's the exact same as offline job searching, if they call you, you have an interview, if the letter comes in the mail, you might as well toss it because that's your rejection letter.

That brings me to this point: There's only one virtual/online call center program that I've been associated with (still a member) that offers guaranteed contract positions. Imagine this:

- Not completing applications, but completing a profile

- Complete a voice assessment

- Pay for your background check

- Pay the program fee to learn how to utilize the platform

- Choose what company you would like to service

- Earn up to $16+ per hour working from home for top Fortune 500 companies

There's also a minimal fee for the online training class for the company of your choice, but once training is complete, you receive your contract and you're working!!


Let's not forget, you choose the company you want to service, not the company choose you!! Now, I'm not hiding anything, YES you're paying for access to the program! But why not? You're guaranteed a position, guaranteed hourly pay, probably working with a company you applied to through traditional channels with no success, and you're working at home in your comfortable surroundings! Remember the old saying, "sometimes you have to pay for what you want", or "you get what you pay for".

So go ahead and fill out numerous of job applications, take all types of assessment tests 20 minutes at a time, waiting for call backs, rejection letters, creating different resumes, and so forth. Or you can take the more promising route and pay for a program where you'll be working for a company you probably patronize frequently that want to pay you to service their customers from home!

I'm sure you like the idea of working from home and I'm pretty sure you'd like to join a program that will get you what you're looking for, a work at home hourly pay/biweekly paid position with you choosing which company you'd like to service. The Virtual Call Center Training Guide is exactly your road map to that destination. Get your copy now and begin your journey into the work from home crusade.

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