Thursday, June 30, 2011


Get Paid To Watch Ads
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Are you a member of Facebook, Twitter, or any and all other Social Networks? I'm sure you are. You know how they're always praised about how much money they make, their riches thrown all in our faces while we help them and get nothing from it but a waste of time? Do you even know how they make their money? The answer is, the same way television and radio makes their money - Advertisers!

How about this, if we're going to utilize these sites and usually not accomplish much anyway, why not get paid for it right? Ok, how about getting paid to bring our thousands of "friends" from other networks to do nothing as well, and they bring their friends, and those friends bring theirs and so on, and we get paid for all of that, sounds great right?! Now, what if I told you, the only requirement was to watch advertisers ads and rate them, and maybe even share them if you'd like - I mean, we watch ads anyway on TV and especially during the Super Bowl and we're not getting a penny for it, rather paying for it, so why not? Makes sense to me!

Now if you'd rather keep making these companies more money for free, then go for it, but if you really wanted to do that, you wouldn't be here reading this, or even in my blog for that matter.

So, here's the deal; Watching ads, that's it, and invite your friends to do the same, about 10 minutes worth of ads a day - 30 seconds per ad! So, I'd say around 40 ads a day! Sounds like a lot? NOOOOO! It's only around 10 or 12 minutes max, you see 3 times that in an hour of TV, or watching silly Youtube videos that have no bearing on your life!

So if you're ready to get started, click the "Click Here" link below, click "User Tour" on the landing page and "Create Your Free Profile" under that video! Let's get started making money Watching Ads!! Remember, BRING ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

Get Paid To Watch Ads
Click Here

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