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$25, $50, $100 all day, everyday can be yours sent directly to your Paypal account, FREE!! Yep, no investment whatsoever. All it takes is for you to get started and follow the simple steps outlined in this post. Here, I'm going to tell you exactly what to do for you to make your first $25 today - I'll even send you $5 as proof this works and to get you started off!!

$25 anytime you want and it costs nothing, Not A Penny!! All you're doing is getting a few people to help you out, and once they see you get paid, they'll want to do it and will have access automatically because they helped you! Again, FREE, No Scam, No Joke, All Real!!

You've probably come across this before or heard about this. What I do is try services for companies and/or advertisers and they pay me! Well, to be honest, you don't necessarily get paid for trying the service, you're paid for getting other people to try products and services as your referral - $25 each person....ALL FREE!!

Have A Look At My Pay Proofs Below!

Well, granted it's only $100, but that's $100 that cost me nothing, $100 I didn't have before I got it, and $100 to go towards whatever I want it to! The proofs are of 1 payment made within a few hours of request and the others were sent the next day...all individual payments of $25 (One is a combined $50 payment). No Joke, No Scam, All Real and best of all, ALL FREE!!

To show you how real this is I'LL PAY YOU $5 TO GET YOU STARTED!

It's harmless and quick. Anyone can do this and they are. Very basic, just a spin on what you probably do anyway, just not getting paid for it! If you are getting paid for it, not like this!!

I'm sure you're ready to get started, that's simple as well!! Just follow these basic steps below:

1. Click the "Click Here To Sign Up" link below (it should say you're being referred by on the page right under the continue button):
Click Here To Sign Up (Wait 5 secs then click skip ad)

2. Under Step 1 in the site, enter your email address an create a password. Under Step 2, choose a free gift (normally $25 Paypal). Click "Continue to the next step"

2a. Here you're going to complete your profile information. After submission of this information, you'll have to verify your email address by clicking a link they send you.

3. After email verification, you're going to go to "Complete Offers" at the top of the page. Before you can continue, they're going to verify your phone number. Must be a cell phone contract service or home phone (No Prepaid Cell Phones or Magic Jack)

4. After phone verification, go back to complete offers at the top of the page. Scroll through the offer list. What you're looking for are offers that are at least .5 credits with an Instant Credit Time. Normally these would be FREE Credit Report Offers

5. Once you have decided on an offer, click the "Try Offer" button next to the description. Complete offer fully with valid information. After about 10 minutes, check your email (inbox and spam) for a verification email and click a link in the email they send.

6. Go back to the original site, scroll up to the top of the page and click "My Status". Your offer status should be at 100%

5. Once your Offer status is at 100%, look out for a Paypal Email Worth $5!!

Make sure to keep track of the trial period and phone number to cancel if not interested in the offer during the allotted time!

Now go to the "Refer Friends" tab at the top of the page and get your referral codes to send out! Call, email, facebook mail, tweet or write a letter to a few of your friends and family members. Tell them you got paid a quick $5 to do a trial offer and will be paid $25 for each person that does the same! If you have to pay them $5 to do it, do so, you'll walk away with $20 each person!!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011


You've probably heard of CashCrate, InboxDollars, Cashle and FusionCash correct? Those sites are most notably known as gpt or get paid to sites. Get paid to which just basically means you're paid to do something in the site, simple things like complete "surveys" or sign up to some site, etc. In other words, there's an incentive for you in doing something for them. That's called incentive marketing, which is a form of affiliate marketing, the most common form of making money online today!!

I've been consistently making between $2000 to $2500+ online using incentive marketing. I've put together an ebook detailing everything I've been doing for the past few years to earn money online through incentive marketing, averaging anywhere between $50 to $300+ per day!! As you can see, everyday may or may not be $100, but we're talking averaging out.

To Get Details On How To Get My Free Ebook "They Pay Me $100 A Day, Too" Simply Fill Out The Form Below and look out for an email containing the info on how to get the Eguide & Ebook (Email from Community Investments Services)

In essence the ebook shows you how to become your own type of GPT. This ebook is not a whole bunch of old strategies that doesn't work anymore, an instruction manual of different money making methods, difficult stuff that only internet and tech savvy people can do, something I put together to sale with no value, useless!!

This ebook is something I put together because many of people have asked me what do I do to make money at home?! I pay all of my bills including a $1200 mortgage, shop for myself and the kids, use what I do for tax write offs, wake up when I feel like it in the morning, stay at home all day, enjoy my home because that's where I work! This ebook tells you exactly what I do and how to do it! It's simple, easy, literally anyone can do it, and best of all it's all FREE!! Yes, everything I do to make $100 a day online is FREE!!

View The Pics To See Some Of My Earnings Online:

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My ebook breaks down everything from setting up your free blog, what sites to use, where to post, how to post, which advertisers are best to use to post, and 13 more ways I make additional money online outside of my incentive marketing!!

In addition to my ebook, I'll also send you my eguide "The Virtual Call Center Training Guide" which normally sells for $9.47. In the training guide you'll learn:

- How To Obtain A Guaranteed Hourly/Biweekly Paid Work At Home Position

- How To Start Your Own Virtual Call Center Business

All of this valuable information can be yours FREE, a total of 16 ways to make money online, you're bound to make money using at least one of these sources!!

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You'll enjoy the information you receive! Let me know what you think about it and how it helped you, how you added to certain suggestions and made it your own, and so on!!

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