Saturday, March 26, 2011

Save Money n Stress With An Auto Warranty

I just got wind of a situation with my mother's truck she just bought not too long ago, I actually have the receipt right now! The truck was bought and a few days later, the transmission went out, hmmm?!!! It was towed to a repair shop and the estimate was around $1400. The actual cost was $840 because she bought their own transmission. Still, if she would have had a warranty, the cost would have been the initial deductible of maybe $100 and that's it, and the warranty company would have paid the rest.

So what's $30 per month for a piece of mind? Or do the other thing and either have your vehicle sitting up begging for repairs or have the shop keep your vehicle for ransom until you come up with that lump sum payment!!!

Accident problems? Got a huge debt from an vehicle accident you still having issues with? What about someone owes you and you didn't have insurance or the insurance company has wiped their hands clean of the whole incident? Whatever the issue is with an auto accident, get a free consultation from an expert lawyer!!

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