Saturday, March 26, 2011

PayBox.Me to VirtaPay Free Money - Scam or Is It?!

Alright, here is the thing. I've done a little research about this thing since it was and I really didn't see too much wrong with it other than the fact that the money is virtual currency "for now" and that you get up to $25 a day for absolutely nothing!! Not too far fetched since it's in prelaunch but the prelaunch seems to be a bit long!!

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The only reason I signed up is because I saw this thing everywhere, so I said to myself "why miss the beginning, this might be huge!" Now, I signed up with a program before that did this, another payment processor site called Revolution Money Exchange. They did the same thing, sign up and get $25 plus $10 per referral. I made about $300 with those guys, but the cap was $500 (man I was! Also with Revolution Money Exchange it was real money, I transferred it to my bank account and paid some bills :) Virtapay does the same thing, but you can't withdraw the money! How Sad :(

When I first signed up, of course it was, they just recently changed the name back in maybe Feb. or Mar of 2011, but they had google adsense ads all through the site. I thought, "hey what a great idea." I mean think about it, they claim they want to have about 2 to 5 million members to launch, and at the time they had about 200,000 members. So let's do some numbers; the avg adsense basic ad pays around .05 to .10 cents so let's low ball! .05 cents x 200,000 members = $10,000 x 7 days = $70,000 x 4 weeks = $280,000 per month!! That's over $3 million a year, not to mention people referring others! So that's each member clicking one ad per day (they claim to keep the account you have to stay active each day) The avg member claims to have around $3000 in their account so, they still wouldn't have enough money to pay and still make off pretty good.

But, I guess google figured that out n pulled out, cause adsense is no longer supported in the site, then that's around when they changed the name! Now they're trying to get more members still, of course, that's the plan! But now they have some sort of "Marketing Training Course" for us members to bring in more members - but the kicker is: WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT THROUGH AN AFFILIATE NETWORK THEY HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH!! Oh, and they also put a number on it, 10,000 member cap! Now how in the world would we know when they reached 10,000? That's the oldest trick in the book, I use it all the time,! And too, like alot of us don't know what an ad looks like! If we are referring tons of members also, obviously we know something about marketing, n pretty darn sure what affiliate marketing!

So, let's say 10,000 people did purchase this marketing kit and as an affiliate marketer I know the avg sale would bring in around $25+ so you do the math on that = $250,000; but again, who knows when they hit 10,000 members? Then they ask us to test their new digital product service with our own stuff, which we will basically be giving away for free cause we can't withdraw - WHAT...LOL?!

Anyway, unless you bought into the hype with your dollars, I say it's not a scam in the sense of the word, but it is a slick way of profiting off of false hope!! But you know what, I hope it does finally launch and turn out to be for real and pay everyone, it's not impossible and too they would have proved all of the doubters wrong which is what I love to do! Then again, the duck scenario seems so on point right now with these guys!!

The funny part about it is, I still put my link out because there's that slim side of me that says, it just might if you want to sign up and take a look, log in, read their blog and smirk along with us until...go ahead and click my referral link below. You're not losing anything, maybe 2 minutes a day to log in, click, and log!!


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