Sunday, April 10, 2016


Hello Everyone. It's been at least a few years since I last posted in this blog. A lot has changed, many things aren't as lucrative as they once were.  Some amazing things that once were big, dwindled away, and now they're back with an even bigger craze than before!!

This brings me to one of the types of business opportunities I'm pretty much diving right into as we speak.

What I'm doing now is what is called HYIP, High Yield Investment Programs. These programs once had a very bad name to them. Many people who created the sites were running off with investors' money and the like, preying on people's hopes and dreams. In short, that was then, this is NOW!!

Many site owners now utilize bitcoins and other investment vehicles to maintain the sites' integrity and longevity, about as long as it can sustain. Many programs last a few years, some about a year or so, and others hopefully a year at best. In other words, these are not long term strategies to hold your money in. With this type of business, you need to have a strategy to get in, bank nicely, get out and move on to the next one with the same strategy. I would also like to note, DO NOT INVEST WHAT YOU CAN'T LOSE!! Chances are, you will lose something, just don't let it be your money out of your pocket, or as least money as possible if it does happen.

What I like to do is study the next best thing, search out for payment proofs and what online payment processors they're using like Paypal and Payza. Which sites are giving the most percentages? Are the highest percentage sites paying accurately? Are the sites paying on time? These sites can pay upwards of 1000% on your money, you'd just better make sure they're paying out and paying you what they promise. If a site is not paying you what it states, that's a site that won't be around for you to see much of anything.

Another thing I like to do is search for facebook groups created around the HYIP sites that are paying. This is a good way for you to stay on top of things, because whatever is happening that has anything to do with that site, they will let you know about it ASAP!! Also, look up the site's facebook Fanpage, members of the site will be there as well spilling all of the beans, good and bad.

The great thing is, these types of sites are known to pay out big time, members have walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. So in my opinion, it's worth the risk to try and time it right and make out like a bandit. Much better than waiting on Publisher's Clearing House, throwing money at the Lottery or hoping the bank will look out for you. With as little as $10 - $20, the potential to turn that into thousands in a short period of time is too good to pass up.

HYIP's come in many different platforms. The most popular and most lucrative in my opinion is the daily percentage earned platform. This means, you'll earn a small percentage, be it 2%, 3%, 5% or whatever the hyip is offering on your money deposited on a daily basis.

Two of the best examples are 10DailyCoin at up to 40% daily for 30 days. Click the Banners Below to Visit Their Sites!!

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As you can see, this can be a very good way to bank big and quickly. My suggestion, start off with just above the minimum and see how it goes. I don't want you sweating and worried about what's going to happen to your money. You'll be fine, don't take on more than you can bear.

Stay tuned for videos and more posts about my progress and takes on particular programs I'm actively working!!

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