Friday, July 29, 2011

IT ONLY TAKES $5.... One X!!

Now Now, I know this is usually out of the norm of what I usually post, but there comes a time when it is necessary to go with something a little different to achieve the results we're looking for! Therefore I bring to you a little BIG program called OneX!!

I did some research on this program and found several payment proofs, it's International, found out that they pay daily, and the best part is - I've been emailing my upline and have spoken on the telephone with her upline for a good 30 minutes on this program, so this is very legit!! They pay through a site like paypal called SolidTrustPay, sign up to OneX by using SolidTrustPay to fund your Onex account $5, or use your bank/check card/credit card to pay the $5 directly on the OneX site (there's a $2 surcharge for paying with the card. So $7 total = $5 + $2)

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SolidTrust Pay

OneX is a $5 program, yes only $5, on top of all members receive 100% of the money filtered through the program, now how's that for a business?! You have to see this compensation structure, it's really great!! The thing I really like about this is the spillover - even if you join for FREE, then decide to add your $5 and do nothing; eventually your matrix will fill up without you doing anything and you'll begin to receive $5 payments out of thin air, SERIOUSLY!! But the key is you'll have to get your $5 into the mix. Now you won't get any of the upgrade bonuses, because you didn't upgrade, but you'll receive those $5 payments from your matrix building from everyone else, with your ONE TIME $5 investment!!

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Here's the beauty of it; you use the profits you make from the program to upgrade to the next levels, that way you get the matching bonuses of everyone who is upgrading to the next level because you referred them! So if you referred someone who upgrades to level four and you're still at the first level of $5, when they get a payout of $640, you're going to miss out on a payment of $320 because you never upgraded! Now do you understand how powerful this is?

Upgrading Rules:
  • With the exception of Stage One - Tier 1, the upgrading process creates a commission for two members.
    1. The qualified upline (50% of the upgrade fee).
    2. The sponsor of the qualified upline (50% of the upgrade fee). This equates to a 100% Matching Bonus.
  • A Tier 1 upgrade pays the member 1 level upline* (Stage One cost = $5, Stage Two cost = $80).
  • A Tier 2 upgrade pays the member 2 levels upline* (Stage One cost = $10, Stage Two cost = $160).
  • A Tier 3 upgrade pays the member 3 levels upline* (Stage One cost = $20, Stage Two cost = $320).
  • A Tier 4 upgrade pays the member 4 levels upline* (Stage One cost = $40, Stage Two cost = $640).
  • * If the selling member receiving a commission payment is not at the same Tier level or above of the member who is upgrading, they are not qualified. The software will look upline of the originally targeted member for the first member who is qualified. Once found, that member will receive the commission and their sponsor receives any paid Matching Bonus.

    "By time you reach the 4th level, you should have made between $5000 to $20,000+!!!"

    Of course, there's more to it, but in a nutshell, the best option is to get started with just $5, get 4 to 5 people that has the same vision you have, and help them to find 4 to 5 and so on and this thing will explode on it's own!! We have the business building support, the potential is huge, the profits are there, the concept is simple, lets just go and do it!!

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